offline ⚡️ Switch

Next generation bitcoinSwitch plattform
With an ESP32-based smart display
See features!

Version: ..c = capacitive / ..r = resistive

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offline⚡Switch | Build on Lightning⚡with LNbits

Version History

834074 Beryllium: Beryllium with backdoor PIN. Contact me to get the PIN or use version 810464 without.
810464 Beryllium: With energy save mode. Hardware shutdown or software deep sleep. Selection via the Config.
807451 Nobium: Refactoring and revision after first test
807347 StartVersion: First test version
805466 PreVersion: Development version

Note: The attachment TheChr indicates a version for news "The Chronicle" and is a test version with induvidual own emblem.

How to set up the offline⚡️Switch?

The setup is relatively simple. It is done in three steps.

  1. 1. Flash the firmware on the ESP32.
  2. 2. Create and set up a LNbits wallet.
  3. 3. Configure the offline LN Switch via the touch display. (PIN: 123456)

First note: There are two different versions of the Sunton 3.5" 320*480 Smart Display (ESP32-3248S035). Once with “Resistive Touch Screen” (pressure sensitive, foil like screen coating) and then with a “Capacitive Touch Screen” (glass display, reacts to conductivity). You can feel the difference, or see it on the back. See the pictures in the attachment. I would recommend the capacitive version. It is a bit more expensive, but also less sensitive. When selecting the firmware version, look for the “r” for resistive or “c” for capacitive after the version number.

  1. Flash firmware to the ESP32

  • - Open this web page with the webinstaller
  • - Connect the EPS32 via USB cable to the computer
  • - Press the button Flash (if necessary select another version before)
  • - In the connection window select the ‘COM-Interface’ for the ESP32 and press Connect
  • - In the Device Dashboard INSTALL OFFLINELNSWITCH
  • - Erase device at first upload then NEXT
  • - Check the selected version and press INSTALL
  • - Preparing installation… Erasing… Installing. Wrapping up… Installation complete!
  • - That’s it, the ESP32 is now written with the firmware.
  • - If you have problems "Refresh" the browser first and reconnect the ESP32 if necessary.

Note: Under Flash / Device Dashboard there is the menu item LOGS & CONSOLE. You can use this for diagnostics. Press Reset once to restart the ESP32. Some functions and processes are displayed there.

For more help on installation and further information see

There are also the points "Create and set up a LNbits wallet" and "Configure the offline LN Switch via the touch display" further described.


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and to Pieter for the BliksemBier.

Created with love 🧡 Block 805466 / 835261

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